Abundant Information Technology Solutions (AITS)

Managed IT Services

Leave your IT needs to us, so you can focus on your business needs rather than IT. For a fixed support cost, we will monitor your systems, apply patches, assess and enhance security concerns, and ensure backups – in addition to many other proactive procedures.

IT Consulting

Our IT industry certified SMEs can assist in leading your company in the right direction. We help you bring leading-edge technologies into your company to stay competitive, achieve higher productivity, and help you advance your business goals. In addition, we can serve as a business advisory function for your board, augment your current IT staffing needs, and providing onsite/remote IT consulting needs.

IT Security

Using specialized individuals, tools, and processes to protect your sensitive information, we can continually safeguard your business from cyber security threats.  Our unique IT defense system can provide can provide safe and secure IT business environments.

Cloud Services

Our impartial technical SMEs guide you through the planning and execution of new Cloud technologies for your business. Based on factors such as enhance your productivity, lower costs and improve delivery, we can will help you choose the right solutions to